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Trouble Shooting for BTE’s

Is your hearing aid giving you trouble? Here are some quick and easy tips that may help you solve the problem for your Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids:



  1. Hearing aid is dead:
    • Try replacing the battery: make sure the battery is the right size for your hearing aid, and be sure to place the battery in the hearing aid the correct way.
    • Your filters, tubing or ear-hook may need to be replaced. Generally we recommend that people have their tubing replaced once every six months. If you have noticed that your tubing is getting hard or their is a blockage, please come into our clinic and one of our professionals will be willing to change these for you.
  2. Hearing Aid is weak:
    • If you are prone to ear wax build up, this may be a sign that you need to visit our clinic for wax removal.
    • There could be a problem with the microphone filter, tubing or ear-hook of your hearing aid. Please come into our clinic and allow one of our professionals to assist you.
  3. Hearing aid is intermittent:
    • This could be a sign that there is a problem with your tubing or ear-hooks. Please come into our clinic and allow one of our professionals to replace those for you.
    • It could also be the sign of an electronic issue which will require manufacturer service.
  4. Problems with feedback: (description of feedback)
    • Stiff tubing, cracked tubing or a broken ear hook can all lead to feedback issues. These can quickly be fixed in our office.
    • A buildup of wax in the ear canal can often cause problems with feedback.
    • Improper fitting ear molds can also cause feedback. The ear canal can change shape over time, especially with weight gain or weight loss.
    • If feedback issues persist, please make an appointment with our office so that we can investigate the problem and provide you with a solution.
  5. Battery Drain or beeping, static or distorted sound:
    • This is often a sign of more serious issues in the hearing aid. Please come into our offices and ask for assistance.

Davidson Hearing Aid Centres suggest that all patients come into the office to have their hearing aids checked once every six months. Our professionals will replace ear hooks, tubing, filters and thoroughly clean each hearing aid. Our aim is to help prevent future damage caused by wax, moisture or other environmental factors.

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