6 Month Check-Ups? Are they Important?

Why 6 Month Check-Ups are Important

Going to routinely scheduled appointments can sometimes be a nuisance. Whether they conflict with your personal life or other appointments, they are all important in their own way. Similar to your doctor, dentist, and optometrist, we enjoy seeing you regularly as well! At Davidson’s we schedule regular 6-month routine check-ups. This helps us keep track of your hearing health, and ensure your hearing aids are working to their full potential.
While every 6 months may seem too soon for some, it’s always good practice to check in on your investment and ensure they are providing you with the most help possible. We use the 6-month check-up as a guideline. If you find yourself busy, not wanting to leave the hot summer weather, or aren’t comfortable driving during the unpredictable winter months feel free to reschedule to a date that is more convenient.

What happens at a 6 month Check-Up?

Your 6-month check-up is a 30 minute appointment with your hearing health care provider. We’ll take this time to check your hearing aids, look in your ears, perform wax removal if needed, as well as do any minor adjustments on your hearing aids. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that you are satisfied!

Can I reschedule?

Absolutely! If you don’t feel that you require this appointment you can post date it by several months if you’d like. Although, we do recommend it’s best to see your hearing specialist at least twice a year.


Giving your hearing aids a deep clean every 6 months is important to the hearing aids life span. If you’ve missed your 6-month check-up or haven’t rescheduled it, stop in at any of our offices and we’ll be happy to clean your hearing aids and reschedule the appointment for you. There are many small parts that make hearing aids work, our staff is carefully trained to assess, clean and maintain all hearing aids.

What if I’m not a client of Davidson’s?

There is no time like the present! Everyone is welcome to be a client of Davidson’s. If you’ve recently moved, or are looking for a new clinic, we’d be happy to take care of your hearing needs and your hearing aids. If there is a problem found with your hearing aid, we work with all manufacturers. If your hearing aid is still covered under the manufacturer warranty, we can have those repairs done for you at no charge.

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