Phonak Hearing Aids

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Over the last year, Phonak has been releasing the different styles of their Belong (B) platform of hearing aids. The lineup now includes the Audeo RIC models, the Bolero BTE models, as well as the most recently released Virto custom devices.

Autosense OS – Automatically Adjusting

At the heart of the new Phonak B platform is AutoSense OS. This new software allows your hearing aids to automatically adjust the way that they process sounds depending on your environment. These products are capable of automatically categorizing the users listening environment into the following areas.

  • Calm Situations
  • Speech in Noise
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Speech in Car
  • Comfort in Noise
  • Comfort in Echo
  • Music

These automatic adjustments lead to a significant improvement in both comfort and speech understanding in noisy environments. With nearly seamless transitions between programs, Autosense OS has led to increased user satisfaction.

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Phonak Audeo B-Direct

Audeo B-Direct is the first hearing aid with Bluetooth capability that allows you to answer phone calls directly to your hearing aids, completely hands free.

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Phonak B-R rechargeable

Phonak had a World’s First when Phonak launched the Audeo B-R RIC hearing aid with a build in Li-ion battery. They are now available in the Bolero B-R BTE style as well.

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Phonak Virto B-Titanium

By using a 3D printed titanium shell, Phonak was able to create the Virto B-Titanium. It is the smallest custom hearing aid that they have ever made.

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New Rechargeable Option – Making Life Easier

The launch of Audeo B-R revolutionized how the hearing industry viewed rechargeable batteries.