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Phonak Virto Titanium – Stronger design makes for Phonak’s smallest custom product

With the launch of the new Virto Titanium, Phonak has created their smallest IIC (invisible-in-the-canal) products yet. Using titanium 3D printing for the shells, they are able to make the shells half as thick as a traditional acrylic design while still increasing the strength by 15 times!

Almost invisible

See how small the Virto B-Titanium really is

There is a remarkable difference between the size of the new Phonak Virto B-Titanium IIC hearing aids versus a traditional CIC style. The ear shown here actually has the new Phonak Virto Titanium IIC in it. If you scroll over the image, you can see what the same ear looks like with a traditional CIC device. 

Ear with Phonak Virto Ti IIC

Ear with standard CIC hearing aid

How Phonak Made a Hearing Aid up to 26% Smaller

  • 50% thinner shell with Titanium
  • 60% smaller electronics
  • 64% increase in IIC fit rate
  • New and smaller faceplate design
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