2018 Spring Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show

Hearing Aid

Spring finally decided to join us this past weekend. Right on time for our Annual Spring Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Hearing Show. With this being our second Spring event, we are always happy to see our clients come out of hibernation after long winter. What better way to start the warmer months with a weekend of fun events. This years entertainment was phenomenal. Known as the Improv Duo, Colin Machary and Deb McGrath renowned for their hilariously quick witted comedy had the crowd roaring with laughter. There was some magic, and great musical stylings from Bowser and Blue as well as the Valley’s favourite, Wayne Rostad.

If you didn’t make it to the show, we thought we would share a quick recap about what’s new in hearing aid technology.  

Phonak Roger Table Mic

The Phonak Roger Table Mic demo drew in quite a crowd. You were seated at a traditional dining table with place settings. The demonstration required you put on headphones and compared the sound from the old Roger’s system to the new Roger Select microphone featuring beam technology. No matter where you are sitting at the dinner table, you’ll be able to hear the person speaking clearly from the other end of the table as if they were right next to you. The technology is able to filter out background noise such as forks and knives clanging against dinnerware allowing the hearing aid wearer to concentrate on the meaningful conversations around them.  Contact our office to try out Roger yourself.

Widex Evoke – World’s First Machine Learning Hearing Aid

Widex recently launched their new Evoke line of hearing aids. With a built in processor that learns as the user continuously chooses the best settings for certain listening environments, personalized sound has never sounded so good.

By downloading the Evoke app to a smartphone, the hearing aid wearer is able to adjust the sound quality and volume in different sound environments. This data is stored in the central processor, meaning anytime you enter a similar sound environment your personalized hearing programming will come back in to play.


Go Green with Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The spring bloom made us go green too! Our Go Green campaign showcases our newest rechargeable hearing aid technology. We are asked daily about the different rechargeable options that are available. With over a dozen different models of rechargeable hearing aids, this technology is taking off.

We look forward to seeing you in our offices over the summer and can’t wait to see you all back at our Fall show in September. Like always, we will send all of our clients a complimentary pair of tickets for the show. If you need more for family and friends, we always have extras at all of our offices.

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