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Widex EVOKE Firmware Upgrade

A recent development in hearing aid technology is their ability to have firmware upgrades. This allows the end user to upgrade the features and benefits of their hearing aids as the manufacturers make improvements and introduce new technology. The new Widex EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids are one of these such products. Below, Widex outlines the changes that they have made to the EVOKE App as well as the improvements that will be available in the hearing aids with the new firmware update. 

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The Widex EVOKE App is required for the firmware upgrade. For step by step instructions on how to upgrade your Widex EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids, please download the upgrade guide that Widex has created and follow the steps on it.

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Download Widex’s Firmware Upgrade Guide

EVOKE App – Improved SoundSense Learn: Real-time machine learning for easier personalization in the moment

  • New patent-pending Progress Circle to monitor progress toward sound optimization
  • Apply preferences immediately with new Exit button
  • Quickly select intent and environment to allow SoundSense Learn to identify listening goals

EVOKE Hearing Aids – Enhanced wearer controls for easier daily use

  • Turn hearing aid Bluetooth OFF. Great for streaming in car or high security buildings
  • New Directional Focus shortcut to easily switch into primary program
  • Apple native app enhancements for tone control


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