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Phonak Virto B-Ti IIC hearing aids and photos of them hidden in ear canals

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What You Need To Know
Before Purchasing Hearing Aids


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We have put together this document to provide you with a good understanding of what is involved in selecting hearing aids. It will also prompt you to know what questions are necessary to ask before making a final decision. We hope this helps you with your process. We value any feedback which will help us improve this document.

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Hearing Aid

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October 16, 2018
Better hearing in a restaurant with Phonak Roger system and noise reduction hearing aids

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Hard Time Hearing in Restaurants? Restaurants are loud and action packed places. Going to a restaurant is a great way to enjoy a date night or meet up with friends and family. However, the experience can also be daunting. The size of your party, restaurant size and layout, and where you are seated, all greatly affect your experience and ability […]
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Whether you are a career musician or a musical enthusiast, your constant exposure to playing an instrument may make you vulnerable to music induced hearing loss. There is no question that being exposed to music at a high volume for a long period of time will cause permanent damage to your hearing. We covered the risk caused by listening to […]
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Genetics and their link to genetic hearing loss

The Genetics Behind Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is attributed to many factors such as aging, noise exposure, premature birth, and genetic transmission. On the other hand, hereditary hearing loss is not often discussed. Hearing disorders known as “endogenous” are hereditary patterns in hearing loss passed on through generations. These hearing losses are transmitted as a genetic trait. There are three transmission route which occur during […]