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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

Starkey Accessories

Whether it is better hearing on the phone, improved clarity of TV, audio streaming of Bluetooth music, or simply hands free cell phone use, Starkey has a solution to improve your ability to hear.


SurfLink Remote

The SurfLink Remote is designed for basic and easy wireless remote control of your hearing aids.

  • Left and Right control
  • Adjust the volume
  • Change programs

SurfLink Mobile 2

The SurfLink Mobile 2 is an advanced remote control with Bluetooth streaming capabilities. This allows it to stream high-quality sound to your hearing aids from your smartphone. It also can double as a remote microphone, packing more features in one single device.

  • Remote Control
  • Stream music and audio through Bluetooth
  • Remote Microphone

SurfLink Media 2

The SurfLink Media 2 plugs into your TV or stereo, and will wirelessly send the audio signal directly to your hearing aids. This increases the clarity of television.

  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable volume
  • Improved TV clarity

SurfLink Remote Mic 2

With the SurfLink Remote Mic 2, you can add a friend or family member to wear the microphone in a noisy environment, and their voice will be transmitted to your hearing aids much louder than that background sounds. Thus, improving the clarity and ease of understanding them.

  • Improved clarity of speech in noise
  • Huge advantage for one-on-one conversations
  • Rechargeable battery

SurfLink Mini Media Adaptor

The SurfLink Mini Media converts the remote microphone into a hands free Bluetooth streaming device which is compatible with all mobile phones.

  • Handsfree cell phone use
  • Hear voices in both ears
  • increased clarity
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