Starkey Smartphone Apps

Starkey was the first hearing aid company to partner with Apple. This positioned them to be one of the first manufacturers to offer the direct to iPhone connectivity. Below are their different smartphone app offerings.

Starkey Livio AI MFi hearing aid and an iPhone with the Thrive app

Thrive Hearing App

Easily monitor your body and brain health with your smartphone and the Thrive Hearing App. Thrive wellness is what makes the Livio AI stand out from any other hearing aid. With the main focus being wellness, the Livio AI hearing aids monitor your body and brain health by tracking various movements and listening environments throughout your day, providing you with an overall score.

  • Adjust volume and programs
  • Adjust tone and settings
  • Body and brain tracking
  • Translation capabilities
  • Remote programming updates and adjustments
Learn More on the Livio AI Page


TruLink App

Designed specifically for the Starkey Halo model of hearing aids. This App allows your apple products to communicate directly to your hearing aids. Answer phones, stream music, adjust the hearing aids volume and settings, all through this easy to use app.

  • Adjust volume and programs
  • Adjust tone and settings
  • All right from you Apple product

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