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Starkey Livio AI – The Health and Wellness Hearing Aid

Livio AI is a new hearing aid on the market with superb sound quality and is one of the first hearing aids to offer health tracking directly through the Thrive app and your hearing aids.

Hearing Reality™ is a new feature introduced by Starkey. This technology has the ability to better replicate natural hearing to provide unprecedented sound quality. The Livio AI features innovative technologies that empower clients with benefits that go beyond traditional amplification.

Keep reading to discover how Livio AI stands out from other hearing aid technology on the market today.

Thrive Hearing App

Easily monitor your body and brain health with your smartphone and the Thrive Hearing App. Thrive wellness is what makes the Livio AI stand out from any other hearing aid. With the main focus being wellness, the Livio AI hearing aids monitor your body and brain health by tracking various movements and listening environments throughout your day, providing you with an overall score.

Body Tracking

Similar to an advanced pedometer, your Livio AI hearing aids track your activity, steps and overall movement. The combination of activity, steps and overall movement is used to provide a Body Score (100 points possible). Easily track and access your score daily in the Thrive app.

  • Steps tracks how many steps you take throughout the day (40 points possible).
  • Activity monitors steps that occur at more than a standard walking pace, like running (40 points possible).
  • Move measures how many times you get up and move around for at least one minute per hour (20 points possible).

Brain Health Tracking

When you hear better you’re expending less energy, giving you more opportunity to participate in conversations. The Livio AI hearing aids measure the brains benefits of wearing hearing aids by tracking your hours of daily use, social engagement and active listening. The sum of these three areas provides a Brain Score (100 points possible). Again, these scores can easily be tracked daily through the Thrive app.

  • Use points are gained by wearing your hearing aids on a daily basis. The more you use them, the more health benefits you enjoy (40 points possible).
  • Engagement measures how much time you are in environments where you are engaging in conversation with others and streaming (40 points possible).
  • Active Listening points are earned when you use your hearing aids in multiple listening environments, which is good for overall brain health (20 points possible).

Thrive Wellness Score

The combination of your body and brain health scores delivers a good overall assessment of your health and well-being. This is your Thrive Wellness Score (200 points possible).

Tap Control

Integrated sensors make Livio AI the first hearing aid to provide a natural user interface. Gently tap your ear twice to start or stop streaming audio from a Starkey Hearing Technologies accessory like the TV Streamer or Remote Microphone+.

Open new connections with direct translation

Communicate effortlessly with people from all over the world with the translation tool in the Thrive app. By selecting the language of the other speaker, the hearing aids will stream the translation directly into your ears. When it’s your turn to speak, simply say what you’d like in English or your preferred language and the app will translate your message on the screen.

*Choose from 27 available languages (Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Turkish)

Fall Alert (Coming Soon)

The first ever fall detection sensor in a hearing aid. When the aid senses a fall an alert text message will be sent to selected family members, friends, or caregivers, informing them that you have fallen or initiated the alert.

Auto Alert: Automatically sends an alert message to your selected contacts after a fall has been detected by your hearing aids.

Manual Alert: Allows you to send an alert text message to your selected contacts by pushing the button on either hearing aid.

*The firmware for Livio AI that supports this feature is coming soon and will require a simple update.

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