New Hearing Aid Features

August 5, 2020

Are Hearing Aids Cool?

In one of our recent TV commercials, Wayne Rostad says “in fact, they’re cool” when talking about some of the things that modern hearing aids can do. Over the years, there has been such a stigma around hearing aids that his statement may seem laughable […]
May 26, 2020
have a follow-up and adjustments to your hearing aids from home with remote support

Remote Support – Can Your Hearing Aids Connect?

Remote Support is a feature that allows our hearing health care professionals to connect with the hearing aid user through a smartphone app in real time. Through audio and video communication, we can answer questions, help troubleshoot, and make programming changes to the hearing aids. […]
November 21, 2019
Using the non-surgical Med-El ADHEAR is as easy as sticking on an adhesive mount and clicking on then snapping on the device.

Stick, Click, Hear. ADHEAR

ADHEAR is the newest non-surgical bone conduction hearing aid that has revolutionized conductive hearing losses. MED-EL is a company that researches and develops implantable hearing technology, primarily focusing on cochlear implants and bone anchored hearing aids. In 2017 they released their newest bone anchored hearing […]
September 13, 2019
ReSound Quattro hearing aids are the world's first hearing aids to offer direct to Android streaming using ASHA protocol

ReSound Quattro First To Offer Direct MFA And MFi Streaming

The future of direct streaming has never looked as bright! Direct streaming to Android devices has been a much anticipated innovation. With 86% of cellphone users using Android, and only 13% using Apple, MFi or Made for iPhone hearing aids can only benefit a small […]
September 6, 2019
The latest Starkey Livio hearing aids will be one of the first products on the market to offer direct streaming through bluetooth low energy.

Starkey Livio Direct Streaming to Android Coming November 1, 2019

On September 4, an article published on stated that the new Android 10 operating system would be the first to allow direct streaming through hearing aids. Android has been promising that it has been in the works for several years now.It appears that it is finally […]