ReSound LiNX Quattro – Clearer speech

Easily focus on speech in noisy environments

For years, the ReSound philosophy has been to deliver sounds to the brain the way nature intended. Our new technology makes it easier to pick up speech and sound from any direction without losing out on the sounds around you. 

From the bustling street to the busy restaurant you can follow conversations and still hear the sounds around you. Wherever you are, you get a more natural and balanced listening experience

LiNX Quattro is Available in Two RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) Models

LiNX Quattro 61 – The Rechargeable Model

Never change a battery again! With a built in Li-Ion battery, this model offers up to 30 hours of battery life per charge. Charging is fast and easy with their new charger case which offers up to three days of charges without even plugging it in. making it easier to be on the go.

LiNX Quattro 62 – Using Standard Batteries

Don’t like the idea of being tied down by a charger? No problem. The 62 model uses easily accessible standard 13 hearing aid batteries. With the new, faster chip, battery consumption has been improved by 20% compared to previous models.

Rechargeable – Making Life Easier

The next generation of rechargeable batteries from ReSound makes use of a built in, fully contained li-ion battery. This will provide a faster charge, and much longer lasting hearing aid than their previous rechargeable models. Their clever new induction charger has indicators to let you know how much battery power is in each hearing aid. It also has a built in battery that allows you to charge your hearing aids on the go for up to 3 days before having to plug them in again.

Conveniently Controlled Through the Smart 3D App

The personalized Smart 3D App allows you to adjust your hearing aids right through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Here are just a few of the things that the App can do for you.

  • adjust program and volume
  • adjust treble and bass response
  • change between more audibility or more comfort
  • adjust tinnitus masking tones to help manage tinnitus
  • locate a missing hearing aid

LiNX Quattro is Available in the Following Colours

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