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Phone: 613-233-3149 or 1-800-267-9697

ReSound Enzo 3D – Provides clarity and control for those with severe to profound hearing loss

Enzo 3D is ReSound’s latest version of their Ultra Powerful line of hearing aids. Designed to provide the most stable gain for those who really need a lot of volume. A fantastic option for those with a severe to profound hearing loss.

  • Surround Sound – The advanced environment classification system by ReSound is built into the core of the new Enzo 3D. This means that even those with profound hearing loss will benefit from this sound processing technology. This provides better understanding in noise while still not missing out on important environmental sounds.
  • The only Ultra Power hearing aids with direct to iPhone connectivity – Improving clarity of speech is even more important with more severe hearing losses. Enzo 3D makes talking on the phone an option again.
  • Excellent feedback cancelation – Allows Enzo 3D to provide the maximum amount of stable volume without suffering from annoying feedback and whistling.
  • Linear setting – Some long term analog hearing aid users have found the transition to digital to be very challenging. We have had several cases where users have struggled with other digital hearing aids as they didn’t sound comfortable to them. The Enzo 3D hearing aids have an optional linear setting which we have had work extremely well in these instances.

70% speech improvement

Use FaceTime®  video calls with ReSound ENZO 3D and experience 70% improvement in speech compared to audio only phoning.*

Having the visual cues and the increased clarity of the direct audio streaming to both hearing aids both play a huge role in improving phone conversations for those with sever to profound hearing losses.

*Smart Hearing for people with severe-to-profound loss. Groth, J., 2017

Conveniently Controlled Through the Smart 3D App

The personalized Smart 3D App allows you to adjust your hearing aids right through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Here are just a few of the things that the App can do for you.
  • adjust program and volume
  • adjust treble and bass response
  • change between more audibility or more comfort
  • adjust tinnitus masking tones to help manage tinnitus
  • locate a missing hearing aid
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