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ReSound Accessories

Now on their 5th generation of 2.4 GHz wireless technology, ReSound is truly the leader in this space. In many ways, they have the easiest, most fully featured accessories and apps. Their hearing aids have the ability of connecting to many devices in your day to day environment. Whether it is better hearing on the phone, improved clarity of TV, audio streaming of Bluetooth music, or simply hands free cell phone use, they have a perfect solution for you.

Remote Control 2

For those who would prefer not to control their hearing aids through their smart phone, the Remote Control 2 is an easy solution that provides a great deal of functionality.
  • Large display screen
  • Adjust the volume (each ear independently is possible)
  • Change programs
  • Start and stop streaming audio

TV Streamer 2

A convenient solution that provides better understanding and clarity of the TV volume while eliminating the fights over what volume the television should be set at. This device streams the TV volume directly through the hearing aids at the volume you want. Others can adjust the TV speakers to a comfortable level for them. ,
  • Stream TV right to your hearing aid
  • You control your volume
  • Others adjust the TV volume

Phone Clip+

The Phone Clip+ is a Bluetooth gateway device allowing your hearing aids to connect to and stream audio from cell phones which are not Apple products. It can also be used with the iPhone to create a truly hands free option.
  • Hands free cell phone use
  • Stream music and audio
  • Rechargeable battery

Micro Mic

The Micro Mic is the newer version of the Mini Mic. It was designed to help the hearing aid user to better understand a single person from a distance or in a noisy environment. By having the other person wear the microphone on their shirt or lapel, it greatly increases the volume of their voice relative to the surroundings.
  • external microphone worn by another person
  • Improved clarity of speech in noise
  • 25m range in clear line of sight

Multi Mic

The Multi Mic blurs the line between the functionality of the Micro Mic and a personal FM system. It has a much more sophisticated directional microphone system which allows it to be far more effective in noisy environments than the Micro Mic.
  • All the features of the Micro Mic
  • Plus doubles as a table mic
  • And connects to loop and FM systems
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