ReSound Assist – Get updated settings at your finger tips

ReSound Assist is a revolutionary new way for you to interact with your hearing health care professional, from wherever you happen to be. Need an adjustment while on vacation? Want to try a few different settings during your trial period, but don’t have time to go back to the office multiple times? Or maybe you just need an extra program added to make that big concert you are going to tomorrow sound better? With ReSound Assist, your Audiologist can actually make changes to your hearing aids settings without you having to come into the clinic for an adjustment.

ReSound Assist is integrated into the Smart 3D App and is compatible with the latest generations of One, LiNX and Enzo  wireless products.

How it works:

  1. You send a direct message through the ReSound 3D App to your hearing health care professional – the easy to use questionnaire will guide you through providing the pertinent information
  2. Your audiologist receives your request, along with an update of your current hearing aid settings
  3. They can make the necessary fine-tuning adjustments and then send a message and the new settings back to your App.
  4. You place your hearing aids near your smartphone and tap install – then enjoy the improvements
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