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ReSound was the first hearing aid company to use 3.4 GHz wireless technology in their products. This positioned them to be the first manufacturer to offer the direct to iPhone connectivity. They were also the first hearing aid manufacturer to stream directly with Android phones using the new ASHA Bluetooth LE protocols. Below are their different App offerings to help connect you to your favourite devices.

Find out if your Smartphone is compatible with the latest ReSound Apps and hearing aids by clicking this link: Smartphone Compatibility

ReSound Smart 3D App

With the release of the new 3D line of hearing aids, the latest ReSound App offers even more functionality than any previous generation. One of the exciting new features is the ability to communicate directly with your hearing health care provider through the app. Your clinician can even send you programming updates to address problem areas, potentially saving you an office visit.

  • Adjust volume and programs
  • Adjust tone and settings
  • Direct message your clinician
  • Remote programming updates and adjustments

ReSound Smart App

Imagine balancing the tone of a concert or a conversation ‘til it sounds just right’. Or adjusting the comfort in noise when sitting in a restaurant – just like that! The ReSound Smart™ app does all that – and much, much more.

  • Adjust volume and programs
  • Adjust tone and settings
  • All right from your Apple product

ReSound Relief App

Anyone with tinnitus can benefit from the ReSound Relief™ app as part of a tinnitus management program.

  • Sound masker for tinnitus
  • Instructional videos
  • Tinnitus information
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